Pitney Bowes, Royal Alliances, and Intelisent Win Data Driven Award

The U.S. Postal Service has recognized Pitney Bowes, Royal Alliances, and Intelisent with the Data Driven Excellence Award for utilizing the Informed Visibility platform to improve the customer experience. Each company leveraged data to pinpoint areas of opportunity to provide more visibility and identify areas to better target mailings.

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing commerce solutions that power billions of transactions. Pitney Bowes’ partnership with USPS dates back to the company’s inception. Last year, they were able to leverage Informed Visibility in the areas of Vote-by-Mail, Election Mail and returns tracking. Informed Visibility was instrumental in making these services better for their customers … (click to read more)

Royal Alliances (RA) is an industry-leading software platform that provides critical end-to-end solutions for all mailing customers. They deliver innovative, relative solutions with a user-friendly experience. Early on, RA recognized that mail must adapt to the needs of today’s businesses and tomorrow’s technologies to remain relevant. The company leverages Informed Visibility to enhance consumer confidence within the mailing industry.

Intelisent is a full-service marketing agency that helps clients campaign smarter by uncovering ideal targets, customizing strategies, and designing, executing and tracking campaigns that get results. The company has partnered with USPS at all levels to achieve outstanding results, including the re-engineering of the mail visibility and postage payment platforms. In partnership with USPS, Intelisent contributed to the development and validation of origin scan tracking through Informed Visibility.

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