Capitol Conveyors Inc.


TELE: 844-705-7979

PROFILE: Capitol Conveyors, Inc. is a full-service conveyor manufacturer with over 140 years experience in the conveyor manufacturing and material handling industry.  Our executive and management teams offer a wide range of experience throughout many sectors of the material handling industry, handling projects from distribution to manufacturing as well as many USPS and Commercial Mailing facilities.  Our focus is to provide our customers with a broad range of high-quality standard and custom products to meet all of their material handling requirements.

Capitol Conveyors, Inc. has built a team of full-service sales people, an engineering staff, as well as a group of electrical and controls specialists to dedicate ourselves to each customer’s needs.  We also offer complete mechanical, electrical, and controls installations for any given project should that requirement exist.  We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

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