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Profile: Specialists in postage savings solutions for mailers and shippers of all sizes, Engineering Innovation (Eii) offers postal manifesting solutions for letters, flats, and parcels. Eii combines more than 30 years of mailroom experience with over 20 years of postal automation design experience to develop solutions that work for mailers of all sizes. Eii’s mission is to develop practical products that are easy to use and provide service after the sale that is second to none.

Eii is best known as the creator of the EZ-Flats system that simplifies presorting USPS First Class Flats for “bundle-based” discounts. It has also developed solutions that meet the USPS requirements for IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode) and handle key parcel related parcel mail classes, both “single-piece” and presorted. Eii solutions also include: The Champ tabletop manifesting system for generating postal savings on a variety of parcel mail classes; EZ-Letters, which optimizes letter sorting in a very small footprint; and the EZ-WorkDesk and Chameleon platforms for high speed processing of parcels for induction into both shipping and postal distribution networks.

Eii’s mailing systems enable presort manifesting for First Class Flats, Standard Class Flats, Bound Printed Matter Parcels and Flats, Parcel Select Lightweight, and Marketing Parcels. Single-piece rates are available for Priority Mail, First Class Packages, BPM, Parcel Select, and Media and Library Mail.

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