Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto

STAMFORD, CT — Pitney Bowes Inc. SendPro C Auto is the latest evolution of its SendPro digitally-connected sending technology portfolio.


Utilizing the integrated mailing and shipping technology with the SendPro platform, SendPro C Auto includes a high-speed auto feeder that can process mail at speeds of up to 120 letters per minute or 2 every second, accelerating productivity and saving businesses up to $6 in postage spend per minute automatically.

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“SendPro C Auto is an exciting evolution of our flagship SendPro portfolio, extending the value and reach of SendPro to a wider audience,” said Jason Dies, EVP and President Sending Technology Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “Time is money for our clients, so finding new ways to boost their productivity, efficiency and reliability translates into direct cost savings. ” … (click to read more)

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