Postal Reform Architect John McHugh Heads Amazon-Backed Package Coalition

John McHugh

WASHINGTON, DC — A diverse group of America’s leading retailers, e-commerce and logistics companies announced that they have come together to form The Package Coalition.

Coalition membership includes: Amazon, Columbia Sportswear, Express Scripts, National Retail Federation, OSM Worldwide, Pitney Bowes, Publishers Clearing House, and QVC.

Leading the coalition is former congressman John McHugh, who headed up postal reform efforts as chairman of the House Oversight Committee’s Post Service Subcommittee for six years. McHugh was a key driver of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) which became law in 2006.

Mr. McHugh’s longtime associate is Robert Taub, the current chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. Taub was the Special Assistant to Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh. Prior to that, Taub served as Chief of Staff to congressman McHugh (R-NY) for the preceding decade.

As Chief of Staff, Taub oversaw the day-to-day operations of McHugh’s staff and offices. He worked closely with him on matters relating to the nation’s postal and delivery sector. He crafted PAEA and helped with the enactment of a dozen other postal laws.

The goal of The Package Coalition is to work proactively with policymakers and the public to highlight the importance of the postal package delivery services to American businesses and consumers. The Postal Service’s package delivery business more than covers its costs; last year it contributed an additional $7 billion to the Postal Service’s bottom line.

“Reliable and affordable postal package delivery is a key engine of the American economy,” said John McHugh, chairman of The Package Coalition. “We support policy solutions to preserve this channel of commerce for all Americans, especially those in remote and rural areas that do not have consistently affordable alternatives to the Postal Service. Members of The Package Coalition partner with the US Postal Service to deliver their goods over the last mile to more than 150 million American homes and businesses.”

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