Xerox No More: Fujifilm Acquires Printing Legend

Fujifilm Holdings will take over Xerox Corp it was announced Wednesday. The $6.1 billion deal combines the US company with Fuji Xerox and ends the legendary printing company’s run as an independent company.

The two companies will combine by Fuji Xerox becoming a 100% subsidiary of Xerox, and Xerox will change its name to “Fuji Xerox”. Fujifilm will acquire 50.1% of the new Fuji Xerox, and the company will maintain its NYSE listing. The combined company will maintain the “Fuji Xerox” and “Xerox” brands within its respective operating regions … (click to read more)

Click for Reuters News Story On Fuji Xerox

Xerox, Back In The Day

Pictured above, Chester Carlson’s with his invention of electrophotography.


The Xerox DocuTech 135 Production Publisher ignited the digital print-on-demand revolution with its introduction in 1990.


A 1949 Model A Copier was the first manually operated commercial xerographic printer.


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