COCHRANE: For USPS, It’s All About The Customer


USPS Chief Customer and Marketing Officer speaks at NPF.

It’s all about the customer. This is one of the key messages of Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jim Cochrane’s NPF presentation.

“Changing customer expectations, driven by innovation and digital transformation, is forcing all of us to put the customer at the center of everything we do,” Cochrane said during the opening session.

He discussed the Postal Service’s efforts to make it easier for mailers to do business with USPS.

For example, Business Mail Entry Units now use research and diagnostics to help customers identity the products and services that best meet their needs.
Employees are vital to these efforts, Cochrane said.

“We’re equipping our workforce with the tools, the training and most importantly the information they need to make informed decisions so that we can deliver a world-class customer experience,” he said.

The Postal Service also wants to help businesses use Informed Delivery, a new feature that provides customers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

“For our industry, there is nothing more important than keeping the American people engaged with the content of their mailbox. That’s it. We do that well, we win the game,” Cochrane said.

He sees Informed Delivery as mail’s “mobile/digital publishing platform” that promised to take hard-copy mail into the digital age.

“Informed Delivery will keep Americans engaged with the content of their mailboxes,” he said.