Shippers Face Impact From UPS-Teamster Agreement

From MAIL Magazine:  On January 18th, 2023, UPS published their first ever Jobs and Opportunities report.


Although at first glance this might appear to have nothing to do with the upcoming Teamster contract negotiations, one has to consider the timing of the release of this report. The details provided in this report showcase the quality of the compensation and benefits that UPS provides to their Teamster employees. The report highlights the fact that Full Time UPS Drivers receive an average of $95K in base salary, top notch healthcare benefits, along with $23K per year in defined pension contributions. So, this certainly points to UPS efforts to inform the public, their customers, and existing employees that UPS Teamsters are already the highest paid in the industry.

Although there appears to be alignment on some of the key issues that UPS and the Teamsters are facing, there are still some major questions and concerns:

— How will all of this impact shippers that have already had to absorb major increases in rates, driven by record level rate increases?

— What can shippers do to protect themselves from the increase in costs that a new UPS-Teamster agreement will likely drive? … (click to read more)