Postage Meter Refunds: How To Submit Unused Postage For USPS Refund

It happens all the time: you print postage on your meter and and end up not mailing the item. Maybe there was a problem with the recipient. Or the mailpiece was flawed. Or you ran an extra strip.

How do you get your money back?

It’s pretty easy, as long as you do it within 60 days of the imprinted date.

Here is PS Form 3533 for postage meter refunds.

From the USPS:

Postage Meter indicia is eligible for a refund if it is complete, legible, valid, unused and printed on unmailed envelopes, wrappers, or labels made in accordance with DMM 604.9.3.3 and DMM 604.9.3.4. This includes:

  • Postage printed on the back (versus the front) of a letter
  • Only a portion of the postage printed or postage isn’t legible
  • Too much postage was printed on the item
  • Not enough postage was printed on the item
  • Incorrect date on the meter
  • Incorrect information (street name, number, city, etc)

The refund request must include the unused metered indicia, proof (such as a copy of the lease or contract) that the person submitting the refund request is the authorized user of the postage meter, and a completed PS Form 3533. The request must be submitted to the local Post Office™ within 60 days from the date shown on the indicia. If the indicia is undated, additional standards are applied and the request must be submitted to the manager of the business mail entry at the USPS district overseeing the mailer’s Post Office.

For all indicia except those produced by PC Postage systems, you will need to submit the indicia to the licensing Post Office. When the total face value of the indicia is $500 or less, the amount refunded is 90% of the face value. If the total face value is more than $500, the amount refunded is the total face value reduced by $50 per hour for the USPS time to process the refund, with a minimum charge of $50.

If a request is denied, the authorized user may appeal within 30 days of the ruling to the Manager of the Pricing and Classification Service Center