New Scent Offering For Direct Mail


JohnsByrne Company has announced a new scented print technology for packaging and direct mail.

“We can all remember a specific memory and scent associated with it. This power of scent offers a different pathway to engage consumers with brands to create an emotional connection”, stated Corey Gustafson, President, JohnsByrne. “Scented coatings offer a tremendous opportunity for brands to create new and deeper dimensions with their campaigns and packaging.”

JohnsByrne can incorporate “scratch-off” (activated) coating fragrances that invite tactile sensory involvement for packaging and direct mail or ambient scented coatings that deliver fragrance without physical activation and have proven ROI for the inside of envelopes or direct mail inserts.

JohnsByrne produced the first use of scent on an outer envelope. And, when scented direct mailers are included with the USPS’s current Tactile/Sensory/Interactive promotions, it can provide net savings on direct mail programs. For 2023, the USPS will offer a Tactile, Sensory and Interactive (TSI) discount of 5%, pending approval of each execution … (click to read more)

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