Paper Shortages, Postage Hikes Take Center Stage At MAILCOM

ATLANTIC CITY — Struggling mailers and printers dealing with the paper shortage crisis and ever-increasing postage rates will find solutions at the MAILCOM 2022 Conference & Exhibition, October 3-5, at Resorts Atlantic City.

Paper supply continues to plague the industry, with price increases through the roof if you can even find the paper you need. Printers are seeing customers cancel jobs as they cope with restricted paper allotments. Mailers are seeing a double whammy as postage continues to rise with the latest increase July 10.

“We’ve never seen this sort of crisis hit the industry,” said Lance Humphries, CMDSM, MCOM, Managing Director of MAILCOM. “Companies are being priced out of the market and there is no relief in sight.”

MAILCOM 2022 will feature General Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to give mailers and printers strategies for managing the crisis.

“We will see two postage rate hikes in 2023 and paper prices will remain high,” said Humphries. “But every problem is manageable if you have the right information.”

MAILCOM 2022 kicks off Monday, October 3 and ends October 5.

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