Suez Shipping Crisis May Result in Toilet Paper Shortage

From New York Post: The massive ship blocking the Suez Canal may prove to be a titanic pain in the butt — by reportedly unleashing a toilet paper shortage not seen since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the Ever Given, the 200,000-ton behemoth that ran aground this week when high winds turned it sideways, has apologized for the mega-blockage, which is causing a global trade crisis.

But the proverbial s–t could really hit the fan if it triggers another TP crisis, as a flotilla of cargo ships remain stuck behind the huge vessel. Walter Schalka, CEO of the Brazilian wood pulp company Suzano SA, told Bloomberg News that the firm was struggling to transport the raw material for toilet paper amid the delays.

The Suez bottleneck comes amid existing shipping container shortages sparked by increasing demand in China and a reduction in supplies, the Express reported … (click to read more)

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