SET IT AND FORGET IT: How Automation Helps Mail Centers Save


In this period of economic revitalization, many businesses are in fast-growth mode. Focused on developing new products and markets while expanding their geographic footprints, the last thing they’re thinking about is the mail center.

But they should be. By automating and coordinating mailing processes and parcel shipping across their organization, companies can increase labor efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenses and even make their clients happier.

Automating the shipping process can help businesses contain costs. “Shipping is a complex process, insofar as how to get the best rate and ensure that the parcel goes to the correct recipient on time, without errors,” says Mike Graves, director of channel sales, shipping and logistics services at Pitney Bowes.

But at many companies, different business units and functions routinely ship parcels without a thought. For instance, it is common for employees to overnight a package for delivery the next morning, when later that afternoon or the following day would be satisfactory — and substantially less expensive. With an automated system, companies have immediate visibility into these actions to determine appropriateness … (click to read more)

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