AOC Fixes The Mail!

The South Bronx mail delivery is notoriously bad, as recent OIG studies have shown. New on the case: newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents the South Bronx in Congress.

In a tweet about the problem she writes, “Calling the @USPS to figure out why my Morris Park constituents are only getting mail once every 2-3 days! This look like a systemic issue. We’re on the case y’all 🕵🏽‍♀️.”

Apparently getting through to the USPS quickly, she posted: “Update 2: @USPS is on it! That was oddly riveting. We’re fixing mail! Solving problems! If you‘re in the Bronx, you know how big a deal the mail issue is here. This is big stuff people!!”

AOC Fixes Mail 2

The OIG confirmed Bronx mail problems in a 2017 report, citing carrier access issues in high-rise apartments.

“Mail delivery and retail services present challenges in large populous areas, such as the Bronx, where many people live in multi-family buildings and high-rise apartments. Owners or managers of apartment buildings or other multi-unit dwellings are responsible for providing carriers access to buildings and for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of mail receptacles, authorized by Postal Service authorities. Failure to follow policy is sufficient justification for withholding mail delivery and requiring occupants to call for their mail at the local post office or carrier delivery unit,” the report states.

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