FIRST: Amazon Christmas Catalog

Amazon Toy Catalog

Anyone over the age of 40 has a special feeling for the words “Christmas Catalog” or “Wish Book”. Back in the day, Sears, Montgomery Ward, and JC Penney published a holiday catalog full of toys and dreams and some practical stuff. The catalog’s arrival in the mail signaled Christmas was just around the corner.

In those dark days of no internet, the young reader would turn the pages and dream of the elaborate racing car sets, model trains, chemistry sets, dolls, costumes, football and cheerleader uniforms … the list was endless.

The Christmas Catalog died, like some tale from Charles Dickens where the book of dreams became just some more electrons on a screen.

But for Christmas 2018, the Christmas Catalog has returned — whoops, the Holiday Catalog — from the electron company, Amazon. The company says the first copies “ship” this month, which preseumably means the Holiday catalog will be delivered as package ride-alongs and not mailed. It is 70 pages with lots of product QR codes … (click to read more)

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