ACS Billing Suspended; No Bills In June

The USPS announced that ACS billing has been suspended until the issue with ACS billing is resolved. There will not be invoicing in June 2018.

Earlier in the month the USPS stated: “ACS customers please be advised that USPS has identified a discrepancy in the invoices that were produced for the April and May billing cycles.We are requesting that you DO NOT pay the invoices for either month at this time.
The National Customer Support Center is reviewing the ACS billing process to determine if any adjustments to assessed charges are required.

What happened?

Jim Wilson, Director, USPS Addressing & Geospatial Technology addressed the ACS issue at the June 2018 MTAC meeting. From the MTAC minutes:

It’s been identified the issue was in the April 2018 and May 2018 billing cycles. The logic of evaluating whether an ACS piece is chargeable, when applied to Seamless Acceptance regulations was deployed in April 2018. When invoicing was generated, the industry balked at assessments and prompted a review of the process. The USPS identified the root cause in the logic between ACS and Seamless processes, as well as logic errors amongst the various service type identifiers. Invoicing was re-run and issued on May 7, 2018. Assessments were significantly reduced. USPS currently is analyzing the logic between traditional and Seamless rules to achieve confidence in the USPS billing process. Until such confidence is achieved, all ACS billing has been suspended.

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