2017 Household Diary Study Released With Good, Bad News

USPS_HDS_FY17_Final Annual Report1a

USPS_HDS_FY17_Final Annual Report1b

The new 2017 Household Diary Study was released, detailing the use of mail and packages by American consumers.

The Household Diary Study (HDS) is a multi-year research study funded by the United States Postal Service. The study surveys a representative sample of over 5,200 households each year (on a government fiscal year basis) to provide a comprehensive and continuous description of the mail originating and destinating in American households.

The bad news: less mail is being sent and received by Americans. And in 2017 only about a quarter of household payments were made by mail.

The good news: package traffic is soaring. And the majority of bills sent to consumers remained in the mail.

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