Johnson & Quin Installs Truepress


Johnson & Quin’s executive vice president, Bob Arkema

With over 140 years in the printing business, Johnson & Quin has proven that innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. And yet, while new technologies can add capabilities and open new markets, the progressive direct mail services provider also knows the value of trusted partnerships.

As such, Johnson & Quin announced the early summer installation of the new Truepress Jet520NX inkjet press, its second high-speed solution from the long-time graphic arts equipment manufacturer in just 3 years.

“We installed SCREEN’s Truepress Jet520ZZ 3 years ago, which revolutionized direct mail production for J&Q and our clients. It has enabled us to provide high quality personalization in color, combine versions in one print run, decrease postage and production costs and reduce schedules for our clients,” said Johnson & Quin’s executive vice president, Bob Arkema.

“Now, with the new NX, we can offer high quality color personalization on heavier 12 pt paper stocks for postcards and self mailers,” he said … (click to read more)

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