Automated Tray Processing Lowers Cost Per Piece

MAI pallet loading

New technology in printing, processing and sorting mail has helped business mailers save labor costs and speed delivery. This is especially true in tray processing, as Midwest Direct and other mailers have learned.

Midwest Direct’s investments in new technology have made operations more efficient and lowered costs-per-piece. For instance, a new Tray Processing System from MAI allows “one-touch” control. The system takes trays from the sorter, reads the tray label, and then automatically sends the tray to the destination pallet.

The automated tray processing system was designed and installed by Mail Automation, Inc., specialists in mail conveyance. MAI provides single-source, multi-product solutions in mail manufacturing and processing facilities.

It offers Mail Tray Conveyor Systems; Automated Banding; Centralized Trim and Scrap Collection; Corrugated Box Handling Systems; Sorter Tray Rack Systems; Carts; and more (click for MAI’s Official Mail Guide listings).

The PostalOne® System provides the capability to scan barcode labels, weigh mail trays and tubs, and print Dispatch & Receipt (D&R) labels for manual or automatic application (depending on configuration). D&R labels are created based on information exchanges through a USPS Transaction Concentrator (TC).

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