Mail Automation Inc.

Mail Tray Conveyor Installations

Mail Automation Inc. has updated its mail tray conveyor system photo gallery of new installations, showing the diverse ways print and mail operations have automated mail [...]

Sorter Tray Rack Systems Customized

As part of its integrated system solutions, Mail Automation Inc. customizes sorter tray racks from five major manufacturers, including Bowe, NPI, Pitney Bowes, OPEX, and [...]

New Mail Tray Conveyor Systems

MAI’s new mail tray conveyor systems can be customized with automated banding systems to speed mail tray production. MAI offers automated banding and other options on [...]

Mail Tray Conveyor Photo Gallery

Mail Automation Inc. has updated their photo gallery of Mail Tray Conveyor Systems. These systems integrate with inserting and sorting operations to speed mail processing [...]