Informed Delivery Now Provides Package Tracking Information

WASHINGTON — Informed Delivery is a new innovation from the Postal Service that provides participating users with images of their household’s letter-size mailings before they arrive. USPS recently introduced a new enhancement to this free feature.

Now, more than seven million Informed Delivery users have a new way to view and manage their package deliveries. Users who opt-in to receive email notifications can view their letter-size mailpiece images in their daily digest emails and also see tracking information about the expected delivery of their packages. Also, users are able to track package deliveries, leave delivery instructions and schedule redelivery from the online Informed Delivery dashboard.

“Our customers can now use their Informed Delivery emails to see the delivery status of their incoming packages and when they’re expected to arrive,” explained Production Innovation Vice President Gary Reblin. “It’s another example of how Informed Delivery is meeting customers’ needs.”

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