USPS Answers Mailer Concerns On Move Update Assessments

The Postal Service’s proposed Address Quality Method and Assessment Process notice has been updated with mailer questions and postal answers.

The USPS also clarifies the policies for Mailers of First Class Mail who assert they are restricted by law from incorporating Postal Service change of address information onto their mailpieces without permission from addressees.

These mailers may request Postal Service approval to meet their Move Update standard using the Legal Restraint method. Such mailers must be able to clearly demonstrate how the use of a primary Move Update method would violate the law.

Pieces that meet the requirements for the Legal Restraint method will be excluded from the Mailer Scorecard and the Address Quality Census Measurement and Assessment Process, as long as the mail pieces use the appropriate CRID or Mailer Identifier (MID).
Read more about this and other mailer questions in the filing (click to read).

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