TEC Mailing Solutions Launches EDDM Now

Free Every Door Direct Mail mailing solution through their portal


Brian Euclide

TEC Mailing Solutions launches a new business booster program aimed at the quick print market allowing users to access its MailPreparer® portal at free of charge for EDDM® mailings. The system generates all the facing slips, postal documentation and counts for designated carrier route(s).

The portal also allows users to produce traditional direct mailings that require address hygiene and presort processing.

The business challenge for quick printers is well documented; with 50% of printed matter ending up in the mail stream it’s much harder to grow your business without a mailing strategy. Compliance issues, expensive software and lack of experience pose significant burdens to overcome and are a barrier to entry.

TEC Mailing’s booster program provides a clear path for quick printers to succeed with a proven mailing strategy that removes both financial and compliance barriers that exist with the USPS.

“It’s a crawl, walk, run strategy that starts with EDDM which we allow printers to access for free. “ Explained Brian Euclide president of TEC Mailing Solutions, “many printers new to mail stopped actively selling EDDM since nobody wants to fill out 100 facing slips by hand. We noticed once we removed these barriers, sales increase as employees become more knowledgeable about mail and client engagement improves”.

It’s no secret that direct mail is enjoying a resurgence; improved targeting and personalization with variable digital printing are driving higher response rates and better engagement with a printer’s clientele. While EDDM has its place, the true promise land is traditional direct mail which allows printers and small business mailers to have a greater connection with their clients. Once a printer becomes comfortable with EDDM, taking the next steps to producing targeted direct mail through the MailPreparer portal is extremely easy.

What’s more, MailPreparer is so advanced it gives users a competitive advantage over printers who have had a “this is the way we’ve always been doing it” mindset. Old school mailers typically use traditional software solutions that are expensive, hard to use and need constant updating versus affordable hosted alternatives like MailPreparer, which never needs updating, and is so easy virtually anyone can run a mailing job.

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