PRC Approves 2017 Mailing Fees And Special Service Rates

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) issued its order in the USPS Special Service Price filing from October 12, 2016. In the order, the PRC approved the Postal Service’s planned price adjustments relating to Special Services.

Here are the 2017 mailing fees and special service rates:

2017 Address Management Fees

2017 Certified Mail Fees

2017 Post Office Box Rates

2017 Mailing Fees

2017 Caller Service Rates

2017 International Business Reply Fees

2017 Shipper Paid Forward Fees

2017 International Certificate of Mailing Fees

2017 International Registered Mail Rates

2017 Special Handling Fees

2017 Signature Confirmation Prices

2017 Parcel Airlift Prices

2017 Return Receipt Prices

2017 Tracking Fees

2017 Insurance Fees

2017 Collect On Delivery Fees

2017 Certificate of Mailing Fees

2017 Permit Fees

2017 Special Services Corrections

2017 Bulk Return Service Fees

In addition, the PRC approved an errata filed on December 6, 2016 involving a small price reduction. Both take effect on January 22, 2017, as planned. However, the PRC denied the Postal Service’s proposed Collect on Delivery classification change.

Here are the complete schedules:

Special Services 2017 Mail Classification Schedule

PRC Special Service Complete Ruling