ComColor Printer Enables Print/Mail Firm To Do More

An established commercial printing and mailing services firm in Texas has long relied on word-of-mouth advertising and has earned a reputation for offering quality services. To help meet its high standards of print quality, the firm relies on two printer-duplicators, as well as a ComColor Printer for the majority of its printing needs.

The firm’s president had been using an outdated printer-duplicator for about five years. He was looking for a way to better serve the needs of his customers who were looking to leverage the power of personalized color communications.

“This is the first machine that makes variable data color printing affordable and practical. We could not run the business without the ComColor Printer,” the firm’s president said.

By utilizing both high speed duplicators and the ComColor Series, the owner says he is now able to “take care of almost every need that our customers throw at us.” Trade publications and industry experts have proven the value of color and personalization in marketing pieces.

The ComColor Series Printer has saved both the firm and its customers money. In addition, the ComColor allows his staff to image the envelope or mail piece, inline with the printing process thus speeding up the outbound mailing process.

With a monthly duty cycle of 500,000 pages, the ComColor has the capacity and durability of many presses found in high-volume production environments.

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