What Happens With No USPS Governors December 8?

The last remaining governor’s time on the USPS Board of Governors will end December 8, 2016. If no new governors are confirmed before then, the Postal Service will lose the legal authority to complete a wide variety of important actions. This would be an unprecedented situation.

What does it mean? Here are some things the USPS can’t do without a Board of Governors:

— Appointment, compensation, term of service, and removal of the Postmaster General

— Compensation of the Deputy Postmaster General

— Establishment of rates and classes for competitive postal products

— Authorization of rate and fee changes for market dominant postal products

— Authorization of a request to the PRC to add, remove, or reclassify products

— Authorization of a notice to the PRC of substantive changes to product descriptions in the Mail Classification Schedule

— Appointment and removal of the Inspector General

— Transmission of the OIG’s Semi-Annual Report to Congress

— Selection of a firm to conduct required USPS financial audits

(click to read the report on Postal Governance)