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Help Wanted: Top Mail Industry Jobs

Here are current industry job listings as of August 26, 2019: Postal Services Director / University of South Carolina Director of Printing and Mailing Services / University [...]

Remittance Mail Service Improving

The 2019-1 Spring Phoenix-Hecht Postal Survey of remittance mail produced widespread improvement. Fifty-seven percent of sites who participated in both the Fall 2018 and [...]

Drop Shipping Update: New TDM Website

Truck Direct Mail (TDM) is the easy way to use NDC – SCF destination entry drop-shipping for maximum postage savings and faster in-home dates – all from a simple, secure [...]


HP’s newly developed solvent black ink cartridge, HP 2590 (HP product no. W3T10B) is now available to the mailing and packaging industries through HP [...]