A Kid’s History of the Postal Service

A Kids' History of the United States Postal Service - pub100k

WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Postal Service is offering a new activity book to teach kids about postal history. A Kids’ History of the United States Postal Service is a colorful, 40-page booklet full of historic facts, photos and stories about the U.S. Mail and the people (and animals!) who kept it moving. The new publication is illustrated throughout with archival photographs and drawings.

The new activity book, created by Jenny Lynch, the USPS historian, and her team, is available now online.

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Creating the book was “a labor of love,” Lynch said. “We had fun thinking about USPS history from a kid’s perspective — how to tell the most essential parts of our story, while keeping young readers engaged.”

“We hope this book helps to teach kids about the important role the Postal Service played in uniting the nation. Even in this digital age, the Postal Service still connects us, just as it has for nearly 250 years,” Judy de Torok, corporate affairs vice president, said in announcing the book.

Starting with the American Revolution and continuing through the present day, A Kids’ History combines the Postal Service’s rich history with activities and fun facts. Some of the activities, like word games, puzzles and mazes, can challenge a young person’s skills. Others, like addressing an envelope or making a paper airplane, teach life skills and encourage creativity.

Children can express their artistic talents by designing their own pretend postage stamp, while teachers might use the booklet in lessons about history, geography, writing, and math.