College Students Wished They Had More Secure Package Delivery

Students and faculty call for campuses to improve technology, flexibility and safety when handling packages

STAMFORD, CT – Pitney Bowes Inc. announced a new study developed in partnership with Morning Consult on campus parcel management and smart locker solutions.

According to the study, 54% of students reported having a package lost, stolen, or delayed because it was misplaced. About 2 out of 5 students had a package delivered to campus that was lost or stolen, and 1 in 3 students have experienced a delay because the package was misplaced. Overall, 66% of students wished they had a more secure means for package delivery.

Eighty-six percent of higher ed students reported having modern, up-to date technologies and facilities was important to them when choosing a school with 55% of students wishing their school had more modern technology and facilities. 74% of students wished they were able to pick up their packages on their own time with 44% claiming to frequently miss operating hours of key campus facilities due to hectic schedules … (click to read more)