UPS Drivers Now Make $170,000!

From Carol Tome, CEO, UPS remarks on quarterly call August 8, 2023:

Carol B. Tomé

“When you look at total compensation, by the end of the new contract, the average UPS full-time driver will make about $170,000 annually in pay and benefits. And for all part-time union employees that are already working at UPS, by the end of this contract, they will be making at least $25.75 per hour while receiving full health care and pension benefits.

“We expect our new labor contract to be ratified in 2 weeks. Today, I’ll just share some highlights, and we will provide more details after ratification. Let’s start with weekend delivery. The new contract converts all 22.4 employees, who are our weekend delivery drivers, to regular full-time packaged car drivers. This gives us the flexibility we need to schedule delivery drivers Tuesday through Saturday and provides more work-life balance for our drivers. Further, we kept our Sunday delivery service by maintaining our SurePost product.

“We will be improving the working conditions for all employees, including air conditioning in every new U.S. packaged car, starting in January 2024. We retained our ability to introduce new technology and the flexibility to use seasonal support during the peak holiday season. For our Teamster employees, this contract further strengthens the industry-leading pay and benefits they already enjoy.”

— Carol B. Tomé is the Chief Executive Officer of UPS. She is the 12th CEO in the 115-year history of the company. Before joining UPS, Carol served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Home Depot, Inc., one of the world’s largest retailers. She joined the company in 1995 as Vice President and Treasurer.

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