Simplify Certified Mail® with ConfirmDelivery™


When your business needs critical information delivered with speed and accountability, ConfirmDelivery simplifies the Certified Mail process with a faster and more cost effective solution:

• Automated Certified Mail
• Electronic signature returned to your e-mail in-box
• Enhanced efficiency for 10 pieces a week or 10,000 a day

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ConfirmDelivery software is easy to implement and highly flexible. Connect your database to the USPS tracking and address verification system for easy access to address sheets and labels. With it you can:

— Track directly online via ConfirmDelivery software or from your database. Track by recipient, company, location, customer reference number or USPS tracking number.

— Manage recipient signatures via query or have them automatically emailed for easy print out or electronic storage. Eliminate the 7-10 day wait for the green card!

Certified Mail

The online, easy-access ConfirmDelivery site allows employees to prepare mail four times faster than traditional Certified Mail. It eliminates special trips to the Postal Office or ordering expensive forms online, as well as eliminates cumbersome completion of the handwritten “green card” and Certified Mail Receipt.

When required, ConfirmDelivery automatically generates USPS Form 3877 (Firmbook). Mail pieces not requiring official proof of mailing may be given to your postal carrier or placed in an approved USPS mailbox.

You can expedite proof of delivery and eliminate the 7-10 day wait for the “green card”. The AutoSignature™ feature automatically emails your most recent recipient signatures daily.

Utilizing ConfirmDelivery’s unique Certified Mail envelope, you can obtain Proof of Mailing, Proof of Delivery and optionally, an electronic receipt signature right from your desk.

Signature Confirmation and Delivery Confirmation

Utilize Signature Confirmation and Delivery Confirmation as the perfect alternative to Certified Mail. Signature Confirmation provides Proof of Mailing, Proof of Delivery, and an electronic recipient signature. Delivery Confirmation provides Proof of Mailing and Proof of Delivery.

Using ConfirmDelivery’s unique ParcelPak™ envelope, you can enjoy great benefits to simplify the process, enhance the tracking and expedite return receipt delivery at a fraction of the cost of Certified Mail.


IntellAddress™ lets you print Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) on outgoing mail. This helps gain visibility of your mail as it travels through the mail stream. You can rack your return mailings as they are placed into the mail stream and obtain exclusive presort postage discounts.

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