How to Choose the Best Print and Mail Outsourcing Vendor

From PCI:  Print and mail are still critical activities for any business that develops a significant amount of customer communication. However, it’s likely not one of your core competencies. That’s why many choose to outsource. If that’s your current situation, you’ll want to follow these steps to find the best print and mail outsourcing vendor.

New to Outsourcing or Replacing a Vendor?

First, there are two paths to being in this position. You may be new to outsourcing, finally determining that closing your in-plant no longer made financial sense. Or you have a vendor that isn’t meeting your needs. That can often be the case when a vendor doesn’t specialize in transactional mail.

No matter the motivation, there are certain things to zero in on to find the right fit. The first is the company’s experience level. As noted above, are they transactional pros? Or part-time ones.

This matters because transactional mail ties to compliance. There is no room for error when sending things like statements, healthcare communications, or collection letters. A lack of experience also typically means they don’t have the equipment necessary to be excellent at transactional … (click to read more)