USPS Ground Advantage Reduces Prices; Launches July 9

New Service Debuts In July with a Rate Decrease

WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Postal Service today established proposed published pricing for its new product offering, USPS Ground Advantage. Pending favorable review and comments from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), USPS Ground Advantage would launch on July 9.

Update:  PRC approved and ready for roll-out July 9. Here are rates:

Click for Postage Rates (Ground Select under First Class Mail – Commercial)

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Rate Decrease Note:  Published prices for USPS Ground Advantage will decrease 1.4 percent relative to current Parcel Select Ground and First-Class Package Service pricing. USPS Ground Advantage Retail prices will decrease 3.2 percent and USPS Ground Advantage Commercial published prices will decrease 0.7 percent.

Update:  USPS Grace Period for Implementation of the USPS Ground Advantage Service Type Codes (STCs):

During the grace period, the Postal Service will continue to accept, process, and deliver all legacy products that will merge to form USPS Ground Advantage without penalty or assessment. These products are:

•First-Class Package Service
•First-Class Package Return Service
•Parcel Select Ground
•Ground Returns

The Postal Service will allow this grace period following the implementation of USPS Ground Advantage on July 9, 2023. This grace period is effective until September 30, 2023. The grace period will also allow for the receipt of parcels already in transit for delivery at the time of the implementation of USPS Ground Advantage.

The grace period will expire on September 30, 2023. At that time, mailers will be required to comply with the new mailing rules, and noncompliance fees will be applied appropriately. Mailers are encouraged to adopt the new rules as soon as possible.

USPS Ground Advantage Features:

— Packages delivered in 2–5 business days.

— Best-priced service for items up to 15.999 oz, based on weight (rounded up to 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, and 15.999 oz) and zone (distance).

— Packages greater than 15.999 oz are charged by the pound (rounded up).

— Free Package Pickup service at your home or office.

— Pay for postage using stamps, a self-service kiosk, Click-N-Ship service, or at a Post Office.

— Tracking is included.

— Business customers can use USPS Ground Advantage return service as a convenient option for customers who need to send items back.

— $100 insurance is included (for both outbound and return shipments), and you can purchase up to $5,000 in additional coverage against loss or damage for merchandise.

New IMpb Barcode Quality Validation Requirement:  The Postal Service relies on the accuracy of Intelligent Mail Package Barcodes (IMpb) and the data contained within the barcodes, such as Service Type Codes (STCs). Accordingly, the Postal Service is proposing to add a third validation under its IMpb compliance category Barcode Quality (BQ). This new validation will require that an IMpb must include a valid, unique 3-digit Service Type Code that accurately represents the mail class, product, and service combination on the physical label affixed to the package. Also, the IMpb on the package must also correspond with electronic package level details and Extra Services Code(s) contained within the Shipping Services File (SSF).

Any variance in the data presented in the electronic submission of a parcel with the physical aspect of the label affixed to a parcel presented for mailing will be subject to the IMpb noncompliance fee if a mailer falls below the 98 percent threshold. The Postal Service is proposing to implement this change effective October 1, 2023, and believes that this proposed revision will enable the Postal Service to provider a better and more efficient delivery experience for customers.  The new barcode quality validation requirement will be updated in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), section

Over the past year the Postal Service has focused on strengthening its shipping solutions as part of its 10-year strategic plan for service excellence, on-time delivery, and revenue generation from enhanced package delivery services. With more than 31,000 Post Offices, various pickup options, including free package pickup, and no surcharges for fuel or residential delivery, the Postal Service provides exceptional value and convenience to customers.