Siemens Automatically Validates Global Address Data with Melissa

From MAIL Magazine March/April 2023:  Siemens AG, based in Berlin and Munich, is an international technology group which has stood for technical prowess, innovation, quality, reliability and internationalism for over 170 years.

The company maintains a central corporate master data management system which is used to validate all customer and supplier data. In order to ensure the quality of this data, Siemens has been using solutions from Melissa since 2015.

The work required to manually identify and check address data is disproportionately high. This was the challenge which Siemens AG, like many other organizations, faced at the outset. To ensure the quality of its data, the company originally worked with a range of local address providers, but this approach was very inefficient. Data was managed at a range of different locations using different systems, which in turn used diverse formats and standards.

In 2015, the Siemens Group decided to use a professional central solution to validate global address data. This would ensure that the corporate master data management system used a standardized address system. In order to achieve this goal, the company defined the following requirements for the solution … (click to read more)

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