WASHINGTON, DC — In a video address to Postal Customer Councils, USPS Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy said the Postal Service is a different organization now than when he arrived more than two years ago.

“Together, we have now started to change the direction of the Postal Service. We are a better organization in a better financial position than we were just one year ago. And we have achieved this exciting momentum during the pandemic. The ball is now in our court to effect the operating and marketing strategies we need to accomplish this transformation,” DeJoy said.

“Guided by the strategies of the Delivering for America plan, we are all participating in the execution of initiatives to improve our operational precision, improve our service reliability, reduce our cost of performance, increase our revenue and create productive and enjoyable long-term career paths for all our employees. Through these efforts, we will erase a projected 10-year, $160 billion loss and avoid a government bailout,” he added.

DeJoy said, “One of the biggest initiatives under Delivering for America is empowering employees to embrace the changes that are needed to succeed. This includes engaging a disciplined and collaborative management team, developing effective supervision, stabilizing and energizing the USPS workforce, and promoting diversity in leadership.”

“On par with our employee strategy is our plan to create an efficient and integrated mail and package network to deliver to 163 million delivery points each day as required by law. We will reconfigure our network of 500 processing and distribution centers, 50,000 daily truckloads, 250 daily air flights, 19,000 delivery units, and over 200,000 carrier routes to create the most affordable and reliable delivery system on the planet,” he said. “Our new strategy will logically sequence mail and package flows between selected new and renovated facilities. And we will standardize operations within facilities.”

The initiatives being undertaken will “provide precise, efficient, repeatable and measurable operations,” said DeJoy. “Implementing this strategy will substantially reduce transportation costs and greatly improve the reach of our route system to the American people and American businesses. This improved logistical performance, combined with our investment in new vehicles, will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We will not only become the most affordable and reliable delivery provider in the nation, but also the most environmentally friendly.”

The Postmaster General said improvements to both the USPS national network and local operations will take years to accomplish, “but each plant or delivery unit tackled will provide immediate systemwide benefits and opportunities for you to improve or expand your service to your customers.”

“To accomplish all this, we need you to be a part of this transformation. We need your continued interest in ideas. We need your operating and marketing prowess and your competitive spirit to help us win together in the marketplace,” DeJoy said. “We are a Postal Service taking charge of our own destiny.”

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