Paper Crisis Leads To USPS Exceptions To Paper Standards

The U.S. Postal Service has announced a process for possible exception to current paper standards due to paper shortage. Prior approval is required. Click for details.

From MTAC: “The current supply chain crisis in the paper market has left many in the industry scrambling to find any paper as well as or forced to choose substitute stocks for their mailing programs. Some of these paper stocks do not conform exactly to current paper weight specifications as listed in the DMM. Mailers want to submit samples alternate stocks they believe will meet machinability characteristics and requirements for USPS Engineering testing and PCSC approval.

“If we do not have a robust process in place, USPS and Industry will have many mail programs that may not be mailed this year due to lack of an approved paper stock or an acceptable substitute. This process will create more mutually acceptable paper options which will improve USPS volume and revenue. Keeping volume in the mail is the reason we are restarting WG 188 which had previously been sunset.” Click to read more

Mailers must request testing of paper that is below postal standards. Testing will not be conducted for any paper that is 10 pounds below the current requirement for any format.