How Mailers Can Appeal Discounts Denied In Assessment Process

From the USPS, February 28, 2022:  As a reminder, as part of the Streamlined Mail Entry Automated Assessment Process, mailers do have appeal rights. (Click to read Fact Sheet)

The initial request to review should not be sent to the Pricing & Classification Service Center (PCSC). Any requests not following review process will be returned, delaying USPS response & resolution.

If mailers do not agree with the resolution, they have the right to appeal the initial decision. The appeal request should not be sent to the Pricing & Classification Service Center (PCSC). The mailer must submit appeal documentation to the initial reviewer(district BME EAS) within 15 days of review resolution.

Once the reviewer has escalated the incident along with documentation from the mailer, the PCSC then has 30 days to approve or reject the appeal.

If the appeal is approved, the PCSC should provide comments to include exactly what errors are being removed from the assessment.The conclusion should reflect the total monetary reduction specifics and the total amount due, if any.If the appeal is denied, the mailer has 3 business days to pay the assessment.

Click for PUB 685: Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats

Full-Service Electronic Verification Automated Assessment Process Fact Sheet

February 28, 2022 UPDATE: Mailers are given the Full-Service discount at the time of mailing. After the postage statement is finalized, verifications are performed on the eDoc to ensure that Full-Service requirements are met.

In November 2016, the USPS began assessments for Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics determined to be over the established threshold in a calendar month. These assessments result in the removal of the Full-Service discount on those pieces exceeding the established threshold.

Verification errors will be logged against pieces that do not meet the Full-Service requirements. These errors are identified as being postage assessment eligible when the total pieces in error, for a specific requirement, have exceeded an established error threshold. When this occurs, the USPS will identify the responsible eDoc submitter associated to the CRID (Customer Registration ID) and issue a postage assessment against the eDoc submitter that presented the mailings to the Postal Service.

Click to read Automated Assessment Process Fact Sheet

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