The Shining Star Award selection committee has, after considerable deliberation, selected the Winners of the “2021 Shining Star of the Year.” The award goes to Rose Ann Sabel of Society Insurance – Wisconsin location, nominated by Christy Warner, and Faye Carter of OMG, LLC – Ohio Iocation, nominated by Mark Hale. Rose and Faye will receive the 2021 Shining Star Award and MSMA membership the balance of 2021 and all of 2022.

The Mail Systems Management Association and the Association of Office Service Professionals also announced the recipients of the MSMA and AOSP Awards:

Distinguished Service 2020 – Mark Hale, CMDSM,CMDSS,MDC,OSPC
Distinguished Service 2021 – Denise Streit, OSPC, MDC
Office Service Center – Gold. – Society Insurance – Christy Warner, Manager
Office Service Center – Silver – TMG Group #27500 – Michael Carr, Manager
Office Service Center – Bronze – TMG – Hara Azarra, Manager

These individuals will be recognized during the November 17th MSMA/AOSP Educational and Awards Program … (click to read more)

If you are interested in submitting a Nomination for a future MSMA or AOSP Award, (click here)


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