DSL Streamlines The Logistics of Drop Shipping

From MAIL Magazine May/June 2021:

DSL has streamlined the logistics of drop shipping to all US Post Offices. Its operational system has been perfected to provide consistent and successful deliveries for E-induction mailings or drop shipments with 8125s.

DSL has established long standing relationships with America’s leading ground and air service transportation providers. Customers benefit by receiving partner pricing discounts while maintaining excellent on time delivery performance.

Just submit your order by 3:00 PM and a truck will automatically be dispatched to pick up your mail on the same business day. After the pick up, live tracking will show exactly the location of your mailing. Drop shippers have complete transparency from pick up to delivery. Unlike other companies, DSL always expedites your mail directly to the Post Office. We do not hold trucks to build loads, consolidate, or commingle your mail with others mailers … (click to read more)

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