Veteran Postal Worker: Never Heard Management Admit ‘We Can’t Handle Volume’ Until Now

From Business Insider: Chris (not his real name), 41, is a veteran postal worker in Massachusetts who talked to Insider about the extreme delays he’s seeing with the mail since the holidays, which were unusually slow.

“When I returned to work after Christmas, I heard stories from all my coworkers about how there was very light volume during the Christmas season.

“This has never been the case. In my years at the post office, a 40-hour work week is unheard of during the holidays. Usually the month of December is filled with 60-hour work weeks.

“In previous years, I’ve worked through 6 a.m. starts and 7 p.m. ending work days. Our goal has always been to get as much out as we can at all times. Even when we had hampers and hampers of Amazon, UPS, and FedEx overflow packages, we got it done.
Upon my return, I started paying more attention to the packages as they slowly came in.

“Many dated back to the first and second week of December. This includes priority mail.

“There’s no logic behind it. I’m very concerned about the future of this company.

“Not once in 17 years have I seen mail delayed or heard our management admit we can’t handle volume.
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