USPS Working On Strategy To Fix Problems

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told the USPS Board of Governors at their February 9, 2021 meeting that the Post is working on a ten-year strategy that maintains 6-day delivery and fixes “plant processing, transportation, and unachievable service standards.”

“When I review our operating performance, even during this difficult period, our carrier network delivered to every address in America—over 161 million of them—each day,” he said. “The fact is, if our system got mail and packages to our delivery units—it got delivered within a day over 99% of the time. An astounding accomplishment that makes me very optimistic about our future.”

“Unfortunately, our national network did not have the same success. Plants, transportation, processing equipment and our operating strategy have not evolved with the changing demands of our society. Our national network could just not keep up and adjust to the over 40% increase in network package business—which we are obligated to accept,” he said.

The USPS is working on a ten-year strategy “that will reinforce the Postal Service’s obvious strengths and address our obvious weaknesses.”

DeJoy said the components of the plan include:

“A commitment to six day a week delivery service to every address in the nation, not just because it is the law – but because it is the right thing to do and a key ingredient to our future success.

“A commitment to stabilizing and strengthening our workforce – especially for our associates who are not yet in a career position. We want every postal employee to have the tools, training, and supportive environment necessary to enjoy a long-term career with us. We want them to feel empowered.

“A commitment to investing in our infrastructure, including vehicles, technology, and package sortation equipment.

“Our new operating goals will be simple – get mail and packages to our carrier network in the most cost-effective manner, and on a deliberate schedule to meet our standards. From there, our carriers will deliver them within a day – over 99% of the time – to addresses all across the country,” DeJoy said. “With this new precision, we will grow our pieces per delivery and our ability to reinvest in our network. Most importantly, we will improve our ability to meet the Postal Service’s public service mission.”

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