Pitney Bowes Rings Closing Bell at NYSE To Mark 100th Anniversary

As Pitney Bowes continues its yearlong celebration of its 100th anniversary, CEO and President Marc Lautenbach was joined by employees from the Rancho Dominguez Presort site in Los Angeles to virtually ring The Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) yesterday.

November 16th is a special day in Pitney Bowes history marking the date when the first postage meter – the Model M Postage Meter from Pitney Bowes – was put into commercial use. ­­This year also has added significance marking Pitney Bowes 70th year on the NYSE.

As an essential business, Pitney Bowes made the decision to invite five employees from the Los Angeles Presort site because – as representatives of Pitney Bowes more than 11,000 employees around the world – they are at the heart of the company’s success, living our values of ‘doing the right, the right way’ and going above and beyond their responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic … (click to read more)

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