Mailers Face 5.6% to 7.6% Rate Surcharges in July, Says Alliance

From Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers:  “Yes, the postal regulator is done—for now. In its 484-page ruling, the Postal Regulatory Commission laid out a potential timeline in which the Postal Service would make its surcharge proposal by the end of this month, the PRC would approve it by the end of March, and USPS would be free to implement 90 days later.

“The PRC Commissioners aim to help USPS long-term financial stability by making up for past losses and unfunded liabilities and making “non-compensatory” class and product users pay more to fully cover their directly attributable costs to deliver.

“We estimate a maximum 5.6 percent for “compensatory” classes and products and 7.6 percent for “non-compensatory” classes and products … (click to read more)