“Galloping Gale, Carrying The Mail!”: Chicago Legend Dies

Gale-Sayers 2008

Gale Sayers, one of the NFL’s best all-around running backs who achieved international acclaim for standing by his teammate dying of cancer, has died.

“Galloping Gale, carrying the mail,” became a popular saying during his career after Jack Brickhouse uttered the words in an old Chicago Bears highlight film.

An NFL Hall of Famer, Sayers played for the Chicago Bears 1965-1971.

Galloping Gale

Notably, Sayers and teammate Brian Piccolo became the first interracial roommates in the NFL. The two were as close as brothers on and off the field. When Piccolo was diagnosed with cancer, Sayers stood by Piccolo until his death in 1970. Their relationship became a popular TV movie, Brian’s Song(click to read more)

Photo Gallery Of Gale Sayers