NEW BOOK: How To Improve Print Quality


RIT Press has announced the publication of a new book entitled Printing-Process Control and Standardization ($44.95 from RIT Press call 585-475-6766).

‌Achieving accurate and precise color reproduction for traditional offset and modern digital print production is in the standards. In Printing-Process Control and Standardization, Robert Chung offers strategies to improve print quality, consistency, and cost savings in the print and communication industries.

Chung was instrumental in developing U.S. and international printing standards, and he shares his expertise in color measurement, process control, color management, and standardization in publishing, packaging, and commercial printing.

Printing-Process Control and Standardization, published by RIT Press, grew from technical courses taught by Chung in RIT’s School of Media Sciences, now the Department of Graphic Media Science and Technology, where he worked for 41 years.

With colorful examples, photographs, and scientific data, Chung provides guidance and instructional tools for industry professionals and educators of print media and graphic communication.

“I focus on basic principles of color reproduction and how they are applied,” Chung said. “This gives me the chance to write about how we measure color quality with repeatability and predictability. I write about color fidelity and tie it to the U.S. and international printing standards. Without standards everybody does their own thing.”

A graduate of RIT’s printing technology program, Chung is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Michael H. Bruno Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Graphic Arts Industry and the Kagy/Prust Life Achievement Award from the Graphic Communication Education Association.