MSP Installs Easy Enveloper to Enhance Direct Mail Offerings


W+D North America Inc. announced the installation of a “solo tending” 410 Easy Enveloper with MSP in Freedom, Pa.

The W+D 410 Easy Enveloper offers a reduced manpower solution for running direct mail and transaction letter mail sizes up to 500 envelopes per minute while simultaneously reducing paper waste with its “drier chain run out” capability. The 410 Easy Enveloper’s built-in “Expert On-Line Help” service offers immediate troubleshooting without the need for outside technical support/service visits.


According to Doug Wright, Chief Operating Officer of MSP (left), “the 410 Easy Enveloper has allowed us to optimize our internal web printing process with faster ‘time-to-mailbox’ solutions as we can literally go from web printing to envelope converting to inserting without losing a beat.”


Richard E. Busheé III, MSP’s President (left), adds, “the ‘complete cut’ functionality of the 410 Easy Enveloper means we can efficiently produce #10 envelopes as well as the more advanced USPS approved TED-C (trailing edge die-cut shapes) … plus the embosser means we can readily help customers participate in future USPS tactile, sensory and interactive engagement promotions which we all hope repeats in 2021.”