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From the Official Mail Guide Vote-By-Mail 2020 Guide:

Ballot Security Bags Catalog For Election Officials

RIFKIN 2020-Election-CatalogRifkin security bags and products provide election officials with secure solutions for protecting election supplies and ballots. From voter registration logs and provisional ballots to voting machines and data modules, election security is in the bag! Rifkin’s patented Keyless Security™ products are the most popular election supply bags in the world. To see the 28-page Election Supply Catalog click here or call 800-458-7300.

Returned Ballot Processing Machine

Correct ElectTritek field-proven, patented Vote-by-Mail technology is at work in numerous counties. Tritek solutions will fit into any size office and can process small or large volumes of all ballot types. The Correct-Elect machine features: 1) Automated or manual signature verification; 2) In-line ballot opener; 3) Thickness detection; 4) Full audit trails to show time/date stamp for each verification; 5) Reporting software; 6) Integrates into voter registration database. To learn more call 302-239-1638, email, or click here.

Multi-Level Tray Racks for Letter Mail Sorters

MAI offers Vote-By-Mail operations its Sorter Tray Rack Systems designed for most letter sorter brands. TrayRacks can be designed with Pull-Out Drawers, Pull-Out Shelves, and Fixed Shelves. Options include Tray Take-Away conveyor and Empty Tray In-Feed conveyor. Field tested and accepted. Quick delivery and installation. For more information call 1-844-808-5454 or visit click here.

Voter Mailing List Hygiene Services

MELISSAWhen you need your mailing list cleaned, updated and ready to mail – Melissa has the USPS-approved solutions you need. List hygiene services including Address Verification, Change of Address Processing, and Voter Record Dedupe are available. Choose from easy-to-use bulk mail software to prepare your list, or use the Mailer’s Online solution — now you can clean and presort your mailing lists in the Cloud! To learn more call 800-635-4772 or click here.

Ballot Secure Collection Bags

RIFKIN Slot-Side-View (2)The A. Rifkin Co. 4-wheel Rolling Supply Bag with Keyless Security™ closure and ballot slot allows paper ballots to be inserted into the bag without the need to open it. Ballots can be inserted into the slot throughout the day and then the slot can be securely sealed as well to transport ballots back to the precinct, knowing that no ballots were put in after the slot was sealed. This rolling supply bag is equipped with heavy duty wheels for navigating multiple terrains and can accommodate up to 50 lbs. To learn more click here or call 800-458-7300.

Vote-By-Mail Election Services Company

Election Partner Midwest DirectMidwest Direct, a communications delivery company, located in Cleveland Ohio, specializes in helping clients deliver their messages to their most important audiences every day. Midwest Direct is a well-known and trusted provider of voting ballots. It offers 1) In House Absentee Ballots; 2) Absentee Vote by Mail; 3) Blank Stock Ballot On-Demand; 4) Full Color and Monochrome Ballots; 5) Ballot Printing, Inserting and Mailing. In this election cycle, Midwest Direct has created, produced and delivered over five million ballots for over 35 counties. To learn more call 800-686-6666 or email or click here.

Ballot Inserter Mailing System

QUADIENT INSERTEREnable your team with an affordable, easy- to-use Folder-Inserter machine to assemble mail ballots like the Quadient DS-200i. The 200i can insert up to 5,000 envelopes an hour. Quadient inserters are designed for highly sensitive documents and are used by election committees, financial firms, and the medical industry. To learn more call 1-800-547-5863 or click here.

TrayTruker Mail Tray Cart

MAI TrayTrukerMAI offers Vote-By-Mail operations its TrayTruker mail cart which can stage materials that must be moved between operations and store mail before, during and after processing. TrayTruker stores 60, 1′ trays or 30, 2′ Trays and is accessible from either side. Durable steel construction, the TrayTruker features a small footprint of 46″l x 71″h x 25″w. Available in different colors for different types of mail. MAI also offers the TubTruker which can store 9 postal tubs. For more information call 1-844-808-5454 or click here.

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