USPS COVID-19 Mitigation Policy for Commercial Mailers

In the event planned mailings have been or will be held due to COVID-19 impacts, the USPS will work to mitigate specific scorecard metrics that may have resulted in assessments for the months of February, March, April, May and June of 2020.

Impacted mailers should follow the contingency plan exception request outlined in the COVID-19 Business Mail Entry Facility Contingency Plan for Mailers(click to read).

The list of Streamlined Mail Entry programs and metrics that may resultin assessments requiring mitigation are listed below. For the months of February 2020 through June 2020 the Postal Service may waive any assessments resulting on the Mailer Scorecard due to COVID-19. Mailers will request an exception during the review processand provide any supporting documentation to the local Business Mail Entry Manager to start the process.

Full Service:
— Barcode uniqueness

Move Update:
— Move Update

— Misshipped
— Undocumented
— Zone
— Entry Point Discount (EPD)

— Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
— Undocumented

The Postal Service is exploring an option to automatically place Streamlined Mail Entry program assessments into a Review Request status for mailers with an approved COVID-19 mailing exception.

This will allow the USPS to take errors logged on mailings that were delayed to COVID-19, into consideration. The Postal Service is also investigating options on the handling of Seamless undocumented mail that may report as a result of the current COVID-19 Hold Mail policy.

The Postal Service recognizes the possibility of mail on extended hold for closed businesses and the opportunity for undocumented pieces when the mail re-enters the network. While we do not anticipate volume that will impact undocumented thresholds, these pieces will be taken under consideration in the assessment review process.

Mailers always have the option to request a review of any assessment for the Streamlined Mail Entry programs by selecting the“Request Review” link within the Mail Entry Additional Postage Assessment Report in the Business Customer Gateway. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Manager, Business Mail Entry where the mail is presented.

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