Federal Government Mail Delayed Up To 10 Days For Irradiation

A report in Bloomberg claims that mail destined for federal government agencies in Washington, DC is delayed for up to 10 days so that it can be irradiated.

According to the article — which focuses on delays of mail sent to the IRS — it can take up to 15 business for the USPS to deliver IRS-related matter.

“At the hearing, the IRS suggested that it can take between eight and 15 business days for the USPS to deliver a piece of mail to a government agency located in Washington, D.C., from any location in the United States,” according to the Bloomberg report.

“Why so long? The initial mailing—from popping it into a collection box to reaching Washington, D.C—can take between three to five days. Once sorted, the mail heads to a New Jersey location for irradiation, which takes an additional five to 10 days, and then is returned to Washington, D.C., to be delivered.” … (click to read more)

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