Vote by Mail: A Special Flavor of Inbound Mail Processing


As states and other jurisdictions seek ways to insure elections are secure and accurate, they are considering vote-by-mail as an alternative to the cost and perceived risk exposure associated with electronic voting machines and in-person polling places.

Four states (Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Hawaii) have legislated all elections be conducted by mail. Twenty-one other states allow vote-by-mail in certain counties or for specific elections.

Vote-by-mail has advantages, but how to handle the incoming ballots in a secure and accurate manner, while swiftly processing large volumes is a challenge jurisdictions must address as they consider making such a move. Chosen equipment must be reliable. Machine breakdowns on election day are problematic. The solution must also provide assurances of accuracy to allow lawmakers to switch to a vote-by-mail election process with confidence … (click to read more)